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Our mission

70 to 89% of humanitarians have faced mental health issues due to their job

It all started with a conversation which revealed that too little was implemented to support aid and social workers in the world. We then decided to help them to prevent and overcome stress-related issues with a variety of effective and powerful tools derived from the practice of hypnosis. Holding a diploma certified by A.R.C.H.E.*, our volunteers all have a high level of professionalism, specific skills for each mission and a genuine passion for human beings.


Our tools

Personal hypnosis sessions

The members of the associations that choose to collaborate with us can benefit from personal sessions aimed to allow rapid change and help them manage their emotions.


To have more impact or as a general introduction to more personal work, we can organize group sessions to help all the members at once on a given subject.

Our team

Our team is formed of passionate and well trained hypnotherapists, all selected among the students of the ARCHE hypnose (lien?) school. Our office is based in Geneva.


They trusted us and experimented the benefits of our private sessions and workshops to deal with the hardship of their jobs.

Look what they tell about us.

ASBB association founder

Vincent Hürner - ASBB Founder

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« It has been a very kind gift of yours to voluntarily provide your services - METAdrasi's team and I, personally, would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation. We frankly do hope that you visit us again. »

Lora Pappa, METAdrasi

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